Dimitri Conejo: From Russian orphan atheist to Catholic social media manager

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Dimitri Conejo is the founder of websites Cathopic and Mater Coeli. This one enables people to consecrate themselves to Our Lady. 

It is based on the “Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin” written by St. Louis de Montfort. During a period of 33 days, one receives emails daily in preparation for their consecration to Our Lady.

Dimitri came up with this idea of constructing a website when his girlfriend would receive texts for consecration through her phone. 

Founder, MaterCoeli.com
“When I went with her to Mass, friends would send her the consecration content for that day through WhatsApp. It was there I came up with this idea: 'Well, this can be automated and enable all people across the world to consecrate themselves to the Blessed Mother.”

However, it has not always been a straightforward life for Dimitri. Originally from Russia, he was abandoned by his parents at a young age. He then had to take care for his baby sister. 

At first he didn't believe in God, originally praying to try and disprove His existence. One example in particular was when he decided take his own life.

Founder, MaterCoeli.com
“I grabbed a knife and wanted to commit suicide because I thought my whole life was no longer worth it. In that moment I said, 'God, why are you silent with me?' Then my phone rang and it was a friend. She said to me, 'Hey, I'm inviting you to a Christianity course.' I threw the knife and began to laugh. This is because I realized I was about to give my life directly to the devil.”

He learned through prayer the importance of forgiveness, especially for his biological parents. Despite all the suffering they caused him, he realized he owes them love and respect because they gave him life.

Dimitri and his sister were adopted at an early age by Spanish parents. He is very thankful for how his adoptive parents' disciplinary attitude helped him mature and overcome his difficulties. 

Founder, MaterCoeli.com
“They would make a decision together and tell me what they decided. I could get my way with one, but with two at the same time, it was impossible.”

He says it is important for parents to work and make decisions together when raising their children. This is because it helps bring unity to the family.

Dimitri's testimony has helped others struggling to find God in their lives. He hopes more people will discover that God seeks out everyone. 

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