Book examining the relics of Jesus' life presented at Order of the Holy Sepulchre

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The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem has presented their book, “Witnesses of the Mystery - The relics of Jesus.” 

Co-authors, Grzegorz Górny and Janusz Rosikoń, say it is part of a “black series,” getting it's name from the book's cover. The photographer, Rosikoń, spoke about his experience in creating it over the span of two years. 

Co-author, Photographer
“This is the first book from 'the black series of books' about all Jesus' relics. We decided that if we've got a family and we've got many memories of the past, surely there must be some relics from Jesus Christ, real relics.”

He explained they gathered photos and evidence from all over the world, encompassing it all in this book. 

One example of the relics presented is the Shroud of Turin. It is believed this cloth wrapped Christ's body when he was taken down from the cross and brought to the tomb. 

Co-author, Photographer
“A few hundred scientists from high-level universities, examined the Turin Shroud. Now we've got a few hundred scientific books about the Turin Shroud. It's for sure,the Turin Shroud is a real relic of Jesus Christ.”

Other relics include the Holy Cross, the crown of thorns, the pillar used during the scourging and the empty tomb. Jesus' seamless robe the soldiers cast lots for and Shroud of Oviedo, the cloth used to cover his dead in the tomb are also examined.

Co-author, Photographer
“Another chapter is about the Shroud of Oviedo. It is a piece of material, but it covered the head of the man on the cross. About hundred scientists, criminologists examined this piece of material that is like this. They decided that the man from the Turin Shroud and the Seamless cloak was only covered by this.”

The two authors have completed various other books such as the Guadalupe Mysteries, the Fatima Mysteries, Christmas Mysteries and many more.

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