Venezuelan bishops call for an end to repression and denounce Church assault

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The Bishops of Venezuela are using Twitter and Instagram to communicate during the crisis in their country. 

José Luís Azuaje, president of the bishops, has posted this photo demanding an end to the repression against peaceful protests. He denounces the“increase in violence by state security personnel and armed groups.” He calls for respect to the “dignity and human rights of its citizens and the freedom to protest peacefully.”

The Cardinal of Caracas, Baltazar Porras, has written that “peaceful protest is a legitimate right guaranteed in all international agreements.” For this reason, he denounces “the unjustified repression in Venezuela by State Police Corps and armed forces that shoot unarmed civilians.”  

The archdiocese of Caracas has published these images of a group of Bolivarian National Guards riding motorcycles in a Church and throwing tear gas bombs whilst people are attending Mass.

The archdiocese also publicly sends its condolences to the family of a young man killed in the protests. They stand in solidarity with the wounded and those who have been arbitrarily detained.  

This video by Archbishop Roberto Lückert is also very explicit. He speaks of “hope for new times in the country,” and recalls that the Assembly is the only legal constitution in Venezuela. He adds that President Juan Guaidó is the voice for the national discontent.

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