Pope in Regina Coeli: thank you mothers for your precious work in raising and protecting the family

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During the fourth Sunday of Easter, Pope Francis stressed that Jesus is attentive and always seeking one, aware of their hopes, desires as well as failures and disappointments.

“He guards us and guides us with love, helping us to cross the paths and sometimes risky roads that arise during our journey in life.”

Additionally, as people across the world celebrated Mother's day on Sunday the pope wanted to mark this occasion with an around of applause for all mothers. 

“I would like to send a warm greeting to all the mothers, thanking them - applaud the mothers, all of them! - for their precious work in raising children and protecting the value of the family. We also remember the mothers who look down on us from heaven and continue to watch over us with prayer.”

He recalled that on May 13 the Church celebrates Our Lady of Fatima. The pope encouraged everyone to entrusts themselves to the Blessed Mother in order to continue one's journey with “joy and generosity.”

Pope Francis added that on Sunday May 12 is also the World Day of Prayer for Vocations. He reflected on this year's theme “The courage to take risks for the promise of God” and the priestly ordinations he presided over earlier that morning. 

“The courage to risk for God's promise: following Jesus is always a risk, but it takes courage. “This morning, in St Peter's Basilica, I had the joy of ordaining nineteen new priests. As I greet these new priests with affection along with their families and friends, I invite you to remember how many the Lord continues to call by name, as He did with the Apostles on the shore of the lake of Galilee, so that they may become 'fishers of men.'”

The pope even invited these two newly ordained priests to greet and bless the pilgrims on St. Peter's Square with him in celebration. 

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