Key to overcoming corruption in Africa, according to youth from Kenya

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In September 2019, Pope Francis will once again embark on a trip to Africa. This time he will visit Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius.

During his trip to Africa in 2015, he visited Kenya where he spoke up against corruption in society.


“But it's not only in politics. It's in all institutions. Even in the Vatican there are cases of corruption. Corruption is something that hits us inside. It's like sugar. It's sweet. We like it. It's easy. And afterward it ends badly.”

One institution in Africa that works toward overcoming divisions and fostering harmony is Strathmore Catholic University in Kenya. Through its education and Christian ideals it seeks to promote unity among everyone.

It is the first multi-racial and multi-religious educational institution in English-speaking Africa. It was even established when Kenya was an apartheid state. 

Dean of Strathmore Law School

“This was a shock for the people, even for Christians. This is because education was segregated and this was an experiment to bring everyone together. This is a beautiful example of a clearly and truly Christian spirit of bringing everybody together and respecting freedom; and making them thirst for truth.'

 The university is attended by students from various faiths, ethnicity and backgrounds. According to them, education is essential in overcoming the corruption in the country. 

Catholic Law Student

“It has taught us, or specifically me, the value of always being conscience of others. In terms of faith it makes you realize compassion and empathy run together with education to make a better society.” 

Muslim Law Student

“Education is very important especially that the government has introduced free primary education. More children and more people need to get educated so they become more aware. It is important to promote peace.”

They were all recently in Rome as part of the University's international program for law students at University of the Holy Cross. 

It was organized in association with NGO Harambee. It is an international organization which works toward promoting social programs in Africa. 

Even students of different faiths find Pope Francis a great example in promoting humility and peace as a leader.  

Protestant Law Student

“The act of the pope kissing peoples' babies and we just saw a video of him kissing peoples' feet as a sign of a blessing. This is essentially humility in a leader of a state. So I think as Kenyans we see him as a humble and strong leader at the same time.”

Faith Evangelistic Ministry Law Student

“I think the pope has had a huge impact on how people behave, especially Christians and especially in the Catholic Church. This is because he guides how people behave and what people think. Even in policy I think he has a huge impact in that he visits governments and talks to presidents. He has a huge overarching impact.”

They hope education can continue to help promote more religious awareness and relationships that work toward building a better society.   

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