Hungarian Ambassador to Vatican on pope's trip to Romania: “for us it has a special meaning”

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Soon Pope Francis will make another trip to Eastern Europe, this time to Romania. The Hungarian Ambassador to the Holy See Eduard Habsburg, was eager to highlight the significance of the occasion. 

Hungarian Ambassador to the Holy See

“It is always a gift when the pope comes to visit. For us Hungarians it has a special meaning because Pope Francis has decided to visit the most important Hungarian pilgrimage site in the world. It’s called Csíksomlyó and it's in Transylvania.”

“Csíksomlyó is a beautiful place, open air, hills, and forests and you will see a crowd from horizon to horizon of people celebrating the pope.”

The upcoming trip while technically in Romania, will see a significant amount of the pope's attention dedicated to the over 1,250,000 strong ethnic Hungarian community in the country.

Hungarian Ambassador to the Holy See

“It's a very special gift of the pope to come to this place because when Pope Saint John Paul II visited Romania for the first time, he didn't come to the Catholic and Hungarian speaking parts of Romania. This pope is doing it and taking his sweet time there. He is going to be there for two different days so we know that this is a gesture of Pope Francis and we are very thankful for it.”

The pope's trip runs from May 31 to June 2 and features the motto “Let's Walk Together.” This marks the 30th international trip of Pope Francis' pontificate.

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