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Women continue Vatican publication “Women, Church, World” after controversy

The Vatican's L'Osservatore Romano's “Women, Church, World” has a whole new 14-member staff and editorial committee, run by coordinator Rita Pinci, a well-known Italian journalist.

Coordinator of “Women, Church, World”

“I was very surprised when the director of the Osservatore Romano called me. When he asked me, 'Would you like to do the monthly insert of Osservatore Romano, 'Women, Church, World,' I didn't have to think long. I immediately said yes!”

She is embarking on this new adventure with a full journalism career and loads of experience trailing behind her. 

Coordinator of “Women, Church, World”

“I was the first women in a large Italian newspaper. I became the first chief editor, and later vice director of Il Messaggero, Rome's newspaper. I worked there for 20 years.”

Despite this, Rita Pinci admits she is jumping into this role with as much passion and enthusiasm as she did on her very first day of work. 

As in all journalism, she says one aspect will carry this monthly newspaper on: truth.

Coordinator of “Women, Church, World”

“If you write truthfully, or at least what one believes is the truth, and with fairness, I don't believe there is any topic that can't be covered.”

She says the diverse backgrounds of the all-women staff will help lead to this, allowing every person and topic to be written about and investigated. The editorial board includes Catholics, a Muslim, a Jew, a non-believer and a consecrated women. 

While there are 14 women on staff now, Pinci expects that the newspaper will grow to accommodate more writers, as it continues to reflect women inside the Vatican.