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Pope at Pentecost: Christians must reconcile a world dominated by culture of insult

Pope Francis celebrated Pentecost Mass in St. Peter's Square. During his homily, he explained the fruits of the Holy Spirit in the Church: peace and unity.

“It is peace that makes the heart like the depth of the sea. It is always calm, even when on the surface the waves are smashing.”

The pope warned of the danger of not respecting diversity in the Church. He said it is the Holy Spirit that maintains unity in the midst of differences.

“We are always tempted to build 'nests.' This is to gather around one's own group, one's own preferences, the same with the same, allergic to any contamination. From the nest to the sect, the step is short, also within the Church."

Pope Francis reflected on the need for Christians to be people who seek reconciliation and not yield to the temptation of insulting.

“We can say that we live in a culture of insult, which is used as the first response to an opinion that is not shared.” “ Those who live according to the Spirit, instead, bring peace where there is discord.”

In total, there were around 25,000 pilgrims present for the Mass which marks the end of the Easter period in the Catholic Church.

At the end, Pope Francis greeted the cardinals who participated in the ceremony.