In Rome, a day after marrying, to be with the pope

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Katarzyna and Michael were married a few days ago in Poland. The day after their wedding they traveled to Rome to see the pope and receive his blessing for the newlyweds. For this reason, they have come dressed as bride and groom. Even though it is more than 86 degree Farenheit in the Eternal City. 

“We came to the audience because we knew that he would be blessing newly married couples. We wanted to experience it. This is because it is the only time in our life we can be so close to the pope dressed like this.”

There have been many emotional moments. However, the most moving one for Katarzyna was to shake the pope's hand, even if it was only for a few seconds.

“I had the pleasure to hold his hand for a few seconds and of course I started to cry.”

They are very excited and cheerful, and ready for an adventure of a lifetime. 

“Marriage is about being together in one union. It is being there to help each other in every situation: in the good and especially the bad ones. It is about happiness. It is to be happy to the end of life.”

They hope to be able to return to St. Peter's Basilica to receive the pope's blessing when they celebrate their silver jubilee. 

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