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Young people launch Christian dance choreography after Panama WYD

“World Youth Dance Crew” is a project that emerged during Panama WYD. It is a group of young people from United Arab Emirates who love to dance. One day they realized that although there is a lot of Catholic music there are few Christian dance choreography. As a result, they started to prepare dance performances with a Christian music band. It wasn't long until more young people started joining the project from other countries.  

Lead choreographer
“The idea of a dance crew came about in January at the World Youth Day in Panama. We met our fellow brothers and sisters from all the various countries. We realized that we have one common passion, which is dancing. We said, 'Why don't we unite it all together, and dance for the Lord?'”

As a consequence, they talked to EPIC The Band, one of the music groups that performed at Panama WYD. They helped them to get on stage and dance in front of the pope.  

“The World Youth Day in Panama was an experience unlike any other. As a first-time pilgrim, it was an absolute blessing to be able to perform on stage, for Pope Francis. We had the blessing of being able to meet brothers and sisters from the other side of the world; and we saw that they were very much like us, just driven by a passion for dance and love for God's message.”

Soon after WYD, Pope Francis even traveled to United Arab Emirates. The World Youth Dance Crew produced this video to commemorate the first visit of a pope to Arabia.  

“It was definitely a wonderful experience for everyone to witness Pope Francis' first visit over here in the UAE. There were people from different religions, different class and creed present there. It was an eye opener for everyone to notice that it doesn't matter where you come from.”

Now they hope to continue growing and contacting more young people from across the world to dance together.