Pope asks for an agreement in Venezuela to end the peoples' suffering

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In the greetings after praying the Angelus on Sunday, Pope Francis spoke again about the serious crisis affecting Venezuela.

I wish to express, once again, my closeness to the beloved Venezuelan people, who suffer from the prolonged crisis. Let us ask the Lord to inspire the parties involved, so they can reach an agreement as soon as possible that ends the peoples' suffering for the good of the country and entire region.

Last week the Venezuelan bishops celebrated their Plenary Assembly in which they again denounced, the Human Rights violations committed by the State. In addition, they are concerned with 'the exodus of more than 12 percent of the Venezuelan population,' driven by the political crisis.

In a brief catechesis before the Angelus, the pope explained the parable of the Good Samaritan. He reflected on the figure and said it is a life model for Christians. He recalled Jesus wants to overcome prejudice by placing a foreigner as the example.

In this way, he wants to overcome prejudices. In showing even a foreigner, even one who does not know the true God and does not go to Church, can behave according to his will. He can feel compassion for his brother-in-need and help him with all the available means.

Pope Francis explained one can recognize one's neighbor in the needy. It is an act of mercy, which manifests the face of love.

Be able to have compassion: this is the key. This is our key. If you do not feel compassion toward a person in need, if your heart is not moved, it means that something is wrong. Be careful, let us be careful. Do not let us fall into selfish insensitivity. The capacity for compassion has become the cornerstone of Christianity, the teaching of Jesus.

Among other issues, over the weekend the Holy See announced on September 21 the pope will visit Albano, very close to Castel Gandolfo, just outside of Rome.

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