“The Pope of Tenderness,” journalist Eva Fernández examines the pope's gestures

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Although there are many adjectives to describe Pope Francis' pontificate, for Spanish journalist Eva Fernández, he is “The Pope of Tenderness.” This is also the title of her new book. 

Author, “The Pope of Tenderness”
“There is something special about Pope Francis that moves people's hearts. I noticed there was something common in his gestures, and it was tenderness. I realized it had to be told, so everyone could participate in this common root. It has attracted my attention so much and it could change people's hearts.”

Eva Fernández has been working for three years as correspondent for Cadena Cope in Italy and the Vatican. 

During this time, she was most impressed by Pope Francis many gestures; and personally observed him on his journeys as well as when he is in St. Peter's Square. 

According to Eva Fernández, these are not simply gestures, but a translation of words within the message of his speeches. 

Author, “The Pope of Tenderness”
“For the pope, they are more than just gestures. Pope Francis has a great coherence between what he says and what he does. These gestures of the pope are a concrete manifestation of all his pontifical documents, of all his messages and homilies that we hear daily.”

In her book, she shows the pope's gestures come from the Gospel; and his model is the “good Samaritan” who stops to attend to those who suffer. Therefore, Pope Francis message to Catholics is to focus their gaze on the Gospels.

Author, “The Pope of Tenderness”
“It is something that really catches your attention. Pope Francis travels miles simply to attend to the suffering of others and draw attention to those the world has forgotten. The pope wants to focus on the peripheries. He wants to draw politicians' and institutions' attention to refugees fleeing the war, persecuted Christians, Muslim minorities like the Rohingya, so we all say, 'Here we have to do something.'”

Eva Fernandez is convinced the best way to understand the pontificate of Pope Francis, without being carried away by the noise of the media, is to observe him closely, listen directly to what he says, and be guided in the same direction as those gestures of tenderness. 

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