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Pope in General Audience: The Church has no frontiers, she is the mother of all

After a month without a General Audience, pilgrims were eager to see the pope again, and Pope Francis did not disappoint. He spent a long time greeting people before beginning the catechesis. It was also the 280th General Audience of Pope Francis' pontificate. 

The pope resumed his catechesis series on the Acts of the Apostles. He spoke about the first miracle performed by Peter and John, the healing of a poor, paralyzed man at the door of the temple. Pope Francis explained that not only do they help this excluded person walk again, but they offer him something more.

The apostles established a relationship, because this is the way in which God loves to manifest Himself. This is through a relationship, always though dialogue, always through presence, always with the inspiration of the heart. These are God's relationships with us through a real encounter between people that can only happen through love.

For this reason, the pope lamented how many parishes are more concerned about issues that have nothing to do with fulfilling their authentic mission.

How often I think about this when I see parishes that think money is more important than the Sacraments. Please, a poor Church. Let us ask the Lord.

Pope Francis stressed how the apostles did not give anything material to the beggar. However, they helped him to regain his dignity, thus reflecting how the Church accompanies the needy.

Here appears the portrait of the Church, which sees those in difficulty. The Church does not close its eyes, She knows how to look humanity in the face and to create meaningful relationships, bridges of friendship and solidarity instead of barriers. The face of 'a Church without frontiers that feels like the mother of all,' that knows how to take one's hand and to lift them up, not to condemn. Jesus always, always holds out His hand. He always tries to console.

Finally, the pope recalled that in order to approach other people, the Christian must not place his trust only in the means, but in the true richness that is the relationship with Christ.