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Idente Missionaries celebrate their 60th anniversary. They work in 22 countries

The Idente Missionaries are celebrating their 60th anniversary since they became a movement in the Catholic Church. In 2009, Benedict XVI also recognized them as a Institute of Consecrated Life of Pontifical Right.

Vice President of Idente Missionaries
“The Idente Missionaries were founded by Fernando Rielo. The word 'Idente' is a neologism that comes from the spanish verb 'ir' and the imperative 'id.'”

The movement seeks holiness through a community-orientated examination of conscience. They all receive spiritual direction in a group and learn about God's love for them and how to love Him.

They say their charism is founded on three evangelical principles: the vocation to holiness, community life and evangelizing mission.

Vice President of Idente Missionaries
“Depending on the training and age, this is how we establish communities and they do not have to be more than 12 people.”
“There is a rector who asks and guides each one. We all learn together."

Idente's apostolate is developed in two ways. The first is providing formation to young people, especially those who have never had faith or have lost it. The second is to engage in dialogue with intellectuals as they believe beauty leads to God. 

One of their most popular initiatives is the “World Prize for Mystical Poetry.” It was launched by Fernando Rielo in 1981 and last year more than 220 poetry books from 28 countries were presented. 

This institute has two branches: male and female. Each one has its own general council and there is a president for the entire institute. 

Vice President of Idente Missionaries
“We live a life in common and have missionaries as well as external missionaries.”
“We also have the Idente family. They are people who help us, who admire us, who live our spirit. However, they do not have the rigor that we have in common life.”

Today they have about 500 people living together. However, along with the external missionaries and the Idente family it extends to the thousands. They are already in 22 countries, and their dream is to reach many more people within a short time.