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Rome Reports

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How does it feel when the pope blesses your baby?

Every Wednesday at the Vatican, people of all ages gather for the General Audience. From children to the elderly to newlyweds. They come to listen to the weekly catechesis of Pope Francis.

Please, a poor Church. Let us ask the Lord.

Among the pilgrims in the Paul VI Audience Hall Roberto and Veronica, from Brazil, were present. For them the experience was spectacular. 

“He's the highest representative of our religion, so we were very excited.”

“It's been one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.”

Those who will not forget this visit are the parents of this baby. The pope personally greeted them at the beginning of the meeting.

 “It was a great experience. I've never went before and to be so close to the pope. We were very lucky because he saw our child and gave him a blessing.” 

“What I feel is so special for me.”

The Wednesday General Audience in St. Peter is a unique experience. It is a mixture of celebration and spiritual reflection in the heart of the Catholic Church; and an experience that many include in their list of things to do when they visit the Eternal City.