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Pope in Angelus: War and terrorism are the great defeat of humanity!

During the Angelus, the pope recalled the 70th anniversary of the 1949 Geneva Conventions. They were signed shortly after the tragic Second World War. Its objective was to ensure, during times of war, violence be not inflicted upon the most defenseless: the civilian population.

All must comply with the limits imposed by international humanitarian law. These are to protect defenseless populations and civilian structures, especially hospitals, schools, places of worship, refugee camps. Let us not forget that war and terrorism are always a serious loss for humanity as a whole. They are the great defeat of humanity.

Beforehand, the pope reflected on the Gospel of the day. He stressed how life is short and one cannot reach Heaven by living a selfish life.

It's a fantasy to believe that one can do everything for oneself. No. It's a fantasy. True faith opens the heart to one's neighbor and leads to concrete communion with one's brothers and sisters, especially with those who live in need. The Lord reminds us that life is a path to eternity. Therefore, we are called to make all the talents we have bear fruit, without forgetting that here we do not have a stable city, but we are going towards the city of the future.

Pope Francis recommended to those present in St. Peter's Square that they should always carry the Bible with them in order to read and reflect on the message of Christ.