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Pope remembers the tragedy of 'Ponte Morandi'

It was on the morning of Aug. 14, 2018 when these images shocked everyone.

A 200-meter section of the Polcevera bridge, better known as Ponte Morandi, in Genoa, collapsed.

The incident cost the lives of 43 people, most of them families going or returning from holidays.

Pope Francis wanted to express his solidarity with the people of Genoa through this message. In it he expresses he has no answers to this tragedy. He says, “In the face of events of this kind, the pain for the losses suffered is piercing and not easy to alleviate, as is the feeling of not resigning oneself in the face of a disaster that could have been avoided.” 

The pope said that when he thinks of Genoa he thinks of its port, the place where his father left for Argentina. He also recalled the daily toil, stubborn will and hope of the Genoese.

For the time being, the construction of a new viaduct continues. It is expected to be completed in spring.