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Organization tries to preserve the youth in the Church and Arab Christians in Middle East

“Caritas in Veritate” is a confederation of Catholic institutions working together to help serve the poorest of the poor, through charity and evangelization.

The organization was officially founded in 2010, in response to Pope Benedict XVI's encyclical “Deus Caritas Est.” 

One of their recent projects is “Global Initiatives 2033.” Its aim is to raise five million missionary disciples by 2033, the second Millennium of redemption.

According to Henry Cappello, president and executive director of “Caritas in Veritate”, young people are falling away from the Church and often caught up in lifestyles that doesn't make them happy. 

President, Caritas in Veritate - CiV Global Federation

“Instead, as Pope Francis says 'we wait for the young people to come. We need to go and reach them.' We need to go where they are and clearly emphasize the personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Without the personal encounter with Jesus we can talk about many programs but it will be a failure.”

This project comes in response to Pope Francis recent Apostolic Exhortation “Christus Vivit” It was his address to young people about their place within the Church. 

Another group “Caritas in Veritate” also seeks to help persevere are the Arab Christians in the Middle East. “The House of Mercy and Peace project,” hosts and adopts across the world those internally displaced due to wars, including Christian refugees. 

President, Caritas in Veritate - CiV Global Federation

“It is to reestablish themselves as Arab Christians in the Middle East. Without these Arab Christians in the Middle East it will lose a lot not only as a Church, but also the whole region. It will be a big lost. This is because of the culture and what they have contributed, as Christians, over the centuries. They are the oldest Christian communities in the Middle East.”

They hope to continue in fulfilling their mission in bringing about aid, truth and transforming peoples lives for the better