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Rome Reports

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Indigenous Mexican couple celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and blessed by the pope!

Nora and Gerardo are the promoters of the Tonatiuh Dance Group. During their time in Rome, they made people feel all the colourfulness of pre-hispanic dance.

Pre-hispanic dance TONATIUH

“About four years ago I started practicing pre-hispanic dance for exercise. However, in my forties I said: ' If I'm going to dance for so long, I might as well go on tour.'”

Nora's husband, Gerardo, accompanied her.Together they have traveled around the world to promote the meaning of pre-hispanic cultures. They also did it here in Rome, before the pope, in 2018.

On this occasion they returned to thank Pope Francis for allowing them to perform in the Vatican.

Pre-hispanic dance TONATIUH

“What did he tell us? Well he said 'Congratulations, I give you my blessings.' I mentioned also that my wife and me are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary; and we also came here with our son. He then gave us a blessing for this. How do we feel? We feel proud, very happy to represent our roots.”

Every move and part of their costume is full of meaning. Nora is the leader of the group. She is painted like a jaguar. The dance they do represents the natural elements: water, air, fire and earth.  

Throughout their journey they have not only just passed through Rome, but other European cities. This is to remind everyone the past and people's traditions must not be forgotten.