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Pope at General Audience: Conversion is authentic when it touches the pocket

Pope Francis continued his catechesis on the Acts of the Apostles. On this occasion he focused on the early Christian communities who not only celebrated together, but also shared their material goods. For this reason, the pope encouraged everyone to be generous, a sign that conversion has touched the heart.

The sign of a heart converted is when the conversion reaches your pocket. It is there where you see if you are generous with others, if you help the weakest, the poorest. When it touches your own interest. When conversion arrives there, it is surely an authentic conversion.

While continuing his catechesis, Pope Francis was briefly interrupted. This girl ran up the stairs to meet him.

“Leave her alone, God speaks through children. Leave her, leave her...”

The bond between these early Christians was so strong that they shared their material goods with the poorest. For this reason, the pope stressed that to be a Christian is to be co-responsible for one another. 

Pope Francis invited pilgrims to follow the example of these early Christian communities and also warned of the consequences of doing the opposite.

A life focused only on obtaining profit and gaining at advantages at the expense of others inevitably leads to interior death. How many people say they are close to the Church, friends of the priests, of the bishops, and in reality they are only looking for their own interests. These are the hypocrisies that destroy the Church!

Before the end of the audience, the pope wanted to refer again to the girl who had interrupted him. He asked everyone to pray for her and her family every time they see a sick person. He also said when he saw this little girl during the audience, he immediately prayed that God would heal and protect her.