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Rome Reports

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Institute of the Incarnate Word unites thousands from 58 countries in Rome

More than 2,000 people from 58 countries all on a mission of evangelization through apologetics, this is the religious family and order called Institute of the Incarnate Word (IVE). 

This summer many members participated in a three-week pilgrimage in Italy, visiting Florence, Turin, Milan and Assisi. The priests, religious sisters, youth and families all ended up in St. Peter's Square to conclude their international conference. 

Each person has a different story and experience they bring to the religious order.

“By knowing other families from the religious family of the Incarnate Word, we feel part of a single, larger family. We are strengthened by their example and the examples of their Christian families. Therefore it forces us to live in a manner consistent with the Catholic faith. "

But it's not only Catholic families, but Coptic Christians and international youth who are excited to be an active part of the Church of today. 

The Church breathes with two lungs, Western and Eastern. Egypt is part of the Institute to present a Coptic liturgy, which is a great part of the Church. It is a Church we can say is also martyred. We are also part of this great family. It is our duty to respond to this and come here to our mother house, St. Peter."

“It's a witness to the power that the youth, are not just the Church of the future. They're the Church of today. We need to do our part and tell our friends about Christ and about the Church, and how it's not just for you, like the older generation that you think of going to Church. We need to do our part and be involved too.”

The order was founded by Carlos Miguel Buela in Argentina in 1984. It is full of vibrant sisters and priests. They are present in universities, in war-torn countries like Aleppo and anywhere they can evangelize cultures, so the Gospel will truly take root in each nation.