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Pope to leaders of Mauritius: don't sacrifice human lives for idolatrous economic model

The pope met privately with the president of Mauritius and his family.

Pope Francis then signed the book of honor.

The private meeting continued with the prime minister of the country, with whom he exchanged these gifts. 

He then met with the representatives of the civil society and diplomatic corps in the same hall they welcomed Pope John Paul II in 30 years ago. The president spoke very affectionately to Pope Francis.

“Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart.”

The prime minister assured the pope that Mauritians of all religions were happy with his visit.

In his speech, Pope Francis praised the exemplary coexistence between Muslims, Christians, and Hindus.

Unlike the other countries in the area, the Republic of Mauritius enjoys a healthy economy. This is why Pope Francis made a certain request to their rulers.

“To encourage you not to yield to the temptation of an idolatrous economic model that feels the need to sacrifice human lives on the altar of speculation and profit alone, considering only immediate advantage to the detriment of protecting the poor, the environment and its resources.”

At the end of his speech, the pope blessed a few plants that represent the commitment of the country's care to the environment.

The pope left for the airport amid the affection of hundreds of people waiting for him in the streets.

Minutes later, Pope Francis boarded the place accompanied by the prime minister of Mauritius. This concluded his eight-hour whirlwind visit to the country and his fourth apostolic trip to the continent of Africa.