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Rome Reports

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Relics of Jesus and the apostles you find in Rome

Recently, this gesture of Pope Francis aroused emotions all over the world.

During the feast day of St. Peter, Pope Francis gave an invaluable relic to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople as a sign of fraternity. It was a reliquary containing nine fragments of St. Peter's bones that until now has been kept in the pope's private chapel.

This symbolic gesture showed the importance of relics. The Eternal City preserves treasures of Christianity, and a new documentary from Rome Reports helps to uncover them. It's called, “The Footprints of Jesus in Rome.”

Editorial Director for the Dicastery of Communication
“Not only is it a journey along the memory of Rome, it's also along the memory of Christianity.”
“A professional journalist approach is needed to first present, interpret and put the facts in context.”

From the incredible relics of the Passion of Jesus to the remains of the apostles Sts. Peter and Paul, Rome has a rich historical legacy.

Director of “The Footprints of Jesus in Rome”
“This documentary reveals many of Rome's details that people don't know about, such as relics that have arrived throughout time.” 

The presentation of the documentary “The Footprints of Jesus in Rome” took place at Palazzo di Spagna. Many people attended, including diplomats, journalists, priests, religious and members of the Roman Curia.

Vice-dean of the College of Cardinals
“Seeing this documentary was very moving. At the same time, it outlined the importance of relics, devotion, and prayer.

The documentary “The Footprints of Jesus in Rome” was sponsored by the Ramón Tallaj Foundation, an institution that promotes human development.

President of the Tallaj Foundation
“In my opinion, all these stories are very important, and I think we must do everything possible so that all our people in Latin American countries can understand it, both Christian, Catholic, or others.”

“The Footprints of Jesus in Rome” brings people closer to the origins of Christian Rome, its roots and the heart of Catholicism, today.

Translated: Rachel Dobrzynski