Olympian uses fitness to lead mothers closer to God

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Olympian in cross-country skiing, fitness coach, world champion, mother and Catholic: this is Rebecca Dussault, otherwise known as “Fit Catholic Mom.”

After participating in the 2006 Winter Olympics, she started to use her gifts to lead women closer to God through sports. Her goal is to encourage mothers to live their best life, one that includes spiritual, physical and mental well-being.

Fit Catholic Mom
“Fit Catholic Mom came about after years of coaching women locally, and realizing that I wanted to broaden my reach, it wasn't enough just to gift my knowledge and expertise into 4, 5, 6 women locally. I really wanted to make this a global transition for Catholic mothers to rediscover their health, their happiness, and their holiness and the interplay of all those things.”

She says women come to her who are overweight, scared of pregnancy, emotionally suffering, and spiritually dry. Rebecca helps them address each problem through a sport-mentality, achieving one goal at a time. 

Fit Catholic Mom
“Sport is such a powerful tool for so many things. It absolutely brings people closer to God because it uncovers so much of the human spirit, our courage, our bravery or excellence, our brotherhood, our way to challenge our comfort zone. Nothing great is achieved in our comfort zone. When people are coming and using sport as that school of moral excellence as that, that fertile ground for accepting the challenge against ourselves to be more, then we can grow, then we can learn and we can thrive.”

Her fitness advice and public speaking events throughout the U.S., help mothers insert discipline into their life. Since she started in 2006, she has watched women's confidence soar, marriages transform and mindsets be overpowered by grace.

Melissa Butz

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