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Pope ordains four new bishops: “Announce true Word, not boring speeches”

Pope Francis presided over this ceremony of the episcopal ordination of four priests.

Among them was Michael Czerny, under-secretary of the Migrants and Refugees Section of the Vatican, whom Pope Francis has named cardinal.

The other priests that the pope consecrated were future Nuncios Paolo Borgia, Antoine Camilleri and Paolo Rudelli.

Many cardinals and bishops attended the Mass, present in Rome for both the consistory for the creation of cardinals as well as the Amazon Synod that begins on Sunday.

The pope gave the ritual homily from the Roman Pontifical for the ordination of bishops, but he also added something personal.

“Announce the true Word, not boring speeches that nobody understands. Announce the Word. Remember, that according to Peter from the Acts of the Apostles, the two principal duties of a bishop are prayer and proclamation of the Word.”

Pope Francis also gave advice: that they be close to God, other bishops, their priests and the people entrusted to them.

After the litanies invoking the protection and prayer of the saints, Pope Francis laid his hands on the heads of the four priests so that they receive their episcopal ordination.