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Rome Reports

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Ramazzini family traveled to Rome to accompany their brother, a cardinal

 This is surely one of the most important moments in Cardinal Álvaro Ramazzini’s life. He says this new responsibility will strengthen his loyalty to the Church and his pastoral commitment to the Guatemalan people.

Bishop of Huehuetenango, Guatemala
As the pope himself wrote to me in the letter he sent, he hopes we will have more coherence, loyalty, and fidelity in the case of the pastoral options that have animated my life. It shows both the affection of the pope, and the commitment that I feel and that is ultimately God’s plan for my life.”

His family crossed the ocean all the way to Rome to accompany him in the start of God’s new and unexpected plan. 

Cardinal Ramazzini’s brother “I feel very proud, like my other two brothers. We were not expecting this. It took us by surprise. All of a sudden we had to come to Rome and make plans to come and support our brother.”

Cardinal Ramazzini’s brother
We are very very proud. The whole family is proud that Álvaro has arrived to this moment. I don’t think he expected this, but we are all happy that this moment arrived for him.” 

They also joke about the idea that their brother could be the next pope, but the fact that he can even participate in a conclave fills them with joy .

Cardinal Ramazzini’s brother
Chances are he will be in the room to vote. I think that even just voting for a new pope means a lot.” 

The Ramazzini Imeri brothers are sure that their brother, the cardinal, will continue to develop his apostolic work with great commitment in Guatemala’s peripheries for the good of the Central American poor and migrants