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Rome Reports

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Thousands of pilgrims arrive to the Vatican for canonization of Newman and Irma Dulce

Hours before the canonization of five saints, St. Peter’s Square is filled with pilgrims. Although these travelers come from different countries and to see different saints, they will all unite on Oct. 13 for the same reason. 

Many pilgrims come to see John Henry Newman, whose story is well-known within the Church. Each traveler seems to have a different attachment to this cardinal.

Pilgrim, North of England
“Newman’s been such an important figure in my own faith journey, but also for the life of the Church in England. So, when I first came across Newman in 2010, when Pope Benedict beatified him in Birmingham, I was one of the young people who got to travel from my diocese to London for the private vigil, and the theme of that was Newman’s motto, which was ´Heart Speaks Unto Heart,’ and that’ s always been really important to me, the message that we can have that relationship with Jesus, heart to heart.”

Pilgrim, New Castle
“It’s just wonderful to have someone from my country who’ s getting declared a saint, because it's such a wonderful thing, I mean, it’s a blessing for the whole Church, but in particular for our country, not just the Church.”

Pilgrim, Leeds
“I find a lot of inspiration in Newman’s writings, and he is a really important saint to me and his theology has really influenced my life.”

Pilgrims also come to the Vatican for other reasons. This pilgrimage has traveled from Brazil to see the canonization of Sr. Dulce, the first Brazilian woman declared a saint.

Leader of Brazilian Pilgrimage
“This saint, Sister Dulce, is a saint very dear to us, who loved the poor so much, who did so many beautiful things for all the poor Brazilians.”

This group of Brazilians has traveled a long way to celebrate Sr. Irma Dulce. Like other pilgrims, they come to say thank you or to ask for help. 

Coming from Brazil, it's sure that this festive group is not going to be silent during their trip to Rome.

Rachel Dobrzynski