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Pope’s help requested in launch of new vaccine against tuberculosis

During the General Audience, Spanish researcher Carlos Martín Montañés gave the pope good news. After 30 years of research, they may have found an effective vaccine against tuberculosis, which causes more deaths than any other disease.

“Pope Francis, I am a researcher from Zaragoza. I have been working on a vaccine against tuberculosis for 30 years.”

Researcher, University of Zaragoza (Spain)

“We need his spiritual help and his commitment to help less privileged people and the poorest populations to fight against this illness.”

Tuberculosis is the world’s most serious infectious disease and the second leading cause of death.

Of the 10 million people that contracted the disease in 2017, 1.6 million died. The UN has set out to eradicate it by 2030.

The vaccine developed by Dr. Martín Montañés’ team can help, as it is effective even when transmitted via the respiratory tract.

The vaccine has been tested on animals and humans. It is one stage away from final release and distribution.

Researcher, University of Zaragoza (Spain)

“As soon as it can be administered, we will be able to help control the disease.”

Dr. Martín Montañés traveled to Rome with the Jesuit professor who taught him science in school. They are proud of the vaccine’s humanitarian impact.

El Salvador College (Spain)

“Carlos Martín Montañés was one of my first students, who certainly, as we used to say, surpassed the master.”

According to him, the vaccine has been successfully administered to babies and adults in Switzerland and South Africa. Its use and safety are currently being tested on other population groups. 

Now everything depends on the interests of governments and institutions. The sooner results are obtained and the vaccine’s efficiency proven, the sooner distribution can begin. They have asked for the pope’s help with precisely that.