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Rome Reports

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“They stole the statues, wearing work clothes and holding cameras,” a witness testified

A few meters away from the Vatican is the Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina, which is host to the exhibition, “Amazon: Common Home.”

Among the pieces in the exhibit were replicas of the image of the “Mother Earth of the Amazon.” However, these were stolen and thrown into the Tiber.

Gabriel is an eyewitness of what happened.

“We were gathered together when three people entered dressed in work clothes holding cameras.

They took the images that symbolize the Mother Earth of theAmazon.

These images were taken from this chapel dedicated to Latin American martyrs and launched. They were thrown in the river from the Sant'Angelo bridge.

“It's a gesture that doesn't add up, that isn't in accordance with the purpose of the Common Home.”

Since the beginning of the synod, this figure of a pregnant woman caused much debate.

For many indigenous, it represents the “Mother Earth of the Amazon.” She grows the fruits of the synod in favor of minorities from Amazonian countries.

For others, it represents the Mother of Jesus, with an Amazonian face.

It may be that the thieves find offense in both versions.