Students sing “Papa Pancho” to honor pope

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As the school year winds down in Argentina, St. Peter's Square can be seen full of this country's flag. Accompanying these flags are students making a final trip together before parting ways for college. 

Argentine Student
“For me, this is a unique trip where we know it's the last thing that we are all going to do together as friends. Each one of us is going to live in different countries and study in other places, so this is a trip of reunion and at the same time, a memory.”

Not only is the group traveling to see the pope, but they're also visiting other countries along the way. 

Argentine Student
“We saw incredible places, passing through France and seeing the Eiffel Tower. It's more impressive than the photo, something that can't explain the sensation it has. In Spain where we passed by the Sagrada Familia, it gave us a unique sensation.”

Argentine Student
“The most outstanding things are almost all the museums, all the history that is traveled in Europe. All the works of art, for example in the cathedral of Notre Dame, which we could not see in its full splendor. That kind of history is the most impressive of this trip.”

Despite visiting different countries and experiencing many things, seeing the pope from their own country was a sensation of its own.

Argentine Student
“A pope who is from our country, Argentina, is phenomenal. It is an immense joy. Also, seeing it from the faith perspective was very nice.”

These students end their pilgrimage in Rome, but not before singing a typical Argentine song to show their enthusiasm. They sing the words “Papa Pancho” to show their affection towards the pope.

Rachel Dobrzynski

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