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Cartoon about fish from Sea of Galilee helps children meet Jesus

“Hi Lukas, it's time for history.”

“Lukas Storyteller” is a cartoon series about a fish from the Sea of Galilee that meets Jesus as He is walking on water.

The goal of this production is to explain the Christian faith to children in a fun and accessible way.

Director de CCC of America
“If you want to share faith, pass on values or help your child have a bigger heart, it's difficult to find a way to do this with media. However, it can be achieved, and it seems we have done that with this series.”

Each episode is about 12 minutes long. They tell of adventures that Lukas and his friends have under the sea. Each episode shares stories of the lives of saints from different eras.

Director de CCC of America
“In every episode, Lukas and his friends have great adventures under the sea that leads them to talk about part of the life of different saints. For example, it talks about John Paul II and the joy of living, or Mother Teresa and having a big heart. Or, it could talk about St. Anthony of Padua and the truth, or Padre Pio and the power of a clean soul.”

“Tell us more stories, Lukas!”

“Of course, I'll tell you many more stories.”

The series is in the process of launching, and the producer says it will not disappoint.

Director de CCC of America
“We are in the launching phase, inviting everyone to watch it on different platforms. It is working very well.”

It's available on platforms such as iTunes, Google Play or YouTube Premium. It's also available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. It will soon be available in more languages.

Translated: Rachel Dobrzynski