Once-atheist mother passes on Catholic faith to her daughter in new book

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After her transformative conversion from atheism to Catholicism, Sally Read realized she was alone in her new-found faith. Her secular town right outside of Rome didn't have many devout Catholics, her Italian husband had not converted and her daughter, Flo, was only three years old. 

“She was only three. But she was always a very wise little soul. She used to listen a lot and ask lots of questions. She became very imbued with the faith.

Yet, the night before Flo made her first communion, something changed. Flo was suddenly overcome with doubt at whether or not she should receive the Eucharist. 

“The reason I was tempted was probably because a lot of my friends at the time were saying, 'Oh, I'm getting phones, my first communion. I'm getting a new computer for my first communion. I'm only doing my first communion because my parents promise me the latest iPhone, at the age of nine. I just thought, am I getting a phone? Am I getting computer? No, I'm not. So why should I? Eventually, I think it was a bit early. But I'm glad I did it.”

In order to avoid further doubt and remember the importance of the faith amidst suffering, her mother wrote a book dedicated to her. It is called “Annunciation,” reflecting on Mary's 'yes' with five key phrases from the Gospel of Luke.

In 140 pages, Sally ponders the Blessed Mother's ability to accept whatever God had for her, even if it would lead to suffering. The author's goal is to show Flo that with faith, anything is possible. 

Melissa Butz

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