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In Nagasaki, Pope asks Japanese to pray for those who suffer from war

The pope traveled to the Nagasaki baseball stadium to celebrate Sunday Mass, where thousands of people were waiting for him. 

He toured the stadium in the pope mobile, waving to Japanese and blessing babies.

Showcased in the Mass is Nagasaki's Our Lady, the sculpture of Virgin Mary who survived the bombing from World War II. 

Pope Francis also shared a short prayer in Japanese.

During his homily, he told them their failures, sins and limitations should not determine their present or future. He also encouraged them to pray for world peace.

“Nagasaki bears in its soul a wound difficult to heal, a scar born of the incomprehensible suffering endured by so many innocent victims of wars past and those of the present, when a third World War is being waged piecemeal. Let us lift our voices here and pray together for all those who even now are suffering in their flesh from this sin that cries out to heaven.”

During communion, songs were shared, seemingly celebrating Japan's long history with Catholicism.

At the end of the ceremony, participants said goodbye to the pope with lively cheers of “Viva el Papa!”