Pope Francis: God does not make Himself known in obscure practices

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From the popemobile, Pope Francis greeted many babies like this one, all bundled up to resist the cold. The temperature in the Eternal City is starting to drop.

Then the pope gave his catechesis on a reading from the Acts of the Apostles. He reflected on the stories recalling the relationship between the faith and the practice of magic in the early days of the Church.

Maybe one of you will tell me, 'Ah, yes, magic is a thing of the past, an ancient practice. It doesn't happen in Christianity today.' Pay attention! I ask you: How many of you go to the tarot card reader? How many of you go see palm readers and have your cards read? It happens even today, in the big cities.

The pope reminded those present that the temptation of magic affects not only Christians of little faith, but also devout Christians. He explained these practices are contrary to the faith because they damage the person's relationship with God. They show a person's lack of trust in His providence.

Magic is incompatible with the faith. God does not make Himself known through obscure practices. He reveals Himself as gratuitous love. Whoever chooses Christ places himself trustingly in God's hands.

The pope recommended reading the book of the Acts of the Apostles attentively. He says some of the stories are real gems because they teach the spirit of evangelization of the Church's early days.

Javier Romero
Translation: Claudia Torres

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