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Top seven Rome Reports stories of 2019

In 2019, Rome Reports covered all the news from the Vatican, the Holy See and Pope Francis.

Coming up, we'll show you the Top 7 stories, the most visited on our website.

7 – Christians murdered for not joining ISIS: “I was born Christian, I will die Christian”

Aid to the Church in Need showed the situation in Syria after eight years of civil war. To the conflict is added Islamic Fundamentalists' persecution of minorities.

“After a long discussion my family members said: We were born Christians and we will die Christians.”

6 – Empty tombs found in the Vatican

The Vatican tried to verify whether these two tombs at the Teutonic cemetery contained the remains of Emanuela Orlandi, a young woman who disappeared in 1983. However, they did not find her.

5 – Papal plane to Panama: Pope cries remembering a journalist who died

In 2019 the pope returned to Latin America, this time to Panama. During the flight from Rome, his voice cracked while he remembered Russian Vaticanist Alexei Bukalov, who had participated in many papal trips.

4 – Pope Francis during press conference on plane: Venezuela, celibacy, sex education...

On the return flight to Rome, Pope Francis offered a press conference touching on religious, moral and political themes.

“I support all the Venezuelan people at this moment. They are a people that are suffering, including those who are on both sides. Yet, the whole population suffer.”

3 – Pope to Synod: I was sad to hear comment about indigenous man with feathers on head

In October the pope brought the plight of the Amazon to the Vatican's attention. From the start, he raised his voice and asked for respect. He said the Church cannot claim to "domesticate" indigenous cultures.

“Yesterday I was very sad to hear, here inside, a sarcastic comment about that 'pious man' who brought up the offerings with feathers on his head. Tell me, what is the difference between wearing feathers on one's head and the tricorn biretta used by some officers of our dicasteries?”

2 – The miracle of snow: thousands of white petals in St. Mary Major

Like every year, this kind of “snow” fell in the middle of summer in the Basilica of St. Mary Major. Thousands of white rose petals descend each year in front of the altar to commemorate the origin of the impressive temple. Snowfall in the hottest month of the year was the sign to show where it should be built.

1 – Pope's unexpected gesture: kisses feet of South Sudan leaders at war against one another

This year, Pope Francis' gestures continued to make an impact. At the end of a spiritual retreat that brought the two political adversaries of South Sudan to the Vatican, the pope made an unexpected gesture. He knelt down to kiss the feet of the two leaders who led the country into civil war. He asked them “from the heart and with his deepest feelings” to work toward peace.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi