Pope at Angelus likens Holy Family to families in exile around the world

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At the Angelus on the feast of the Holy Family of Nazareth, Pope Francis reminded Christians of their own ability to adhere to God's will by following the example of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, who “prayed, worked and communicated” with each other.

“The term 'holy' places this family in the realm of sanctity, which is a gift from God. At the same time however, it is also their free and responsible adherence to His plan. That was the case for the Holy Family of Nazareth. It was totally open to God's will.”

He then called attention to each member of the Holy Family, to Jesus and Mary for their complete openness to God's plan, and to Joseph for his silent obedience in caring for his family.

“Under God's guidance, represented by an Angel, Joseph leads his family away from the threats of Herod, and he saves it. Thus, the Holy Family sympathizes with all families around the world who are forced into exile. It sympathizes with all those forced to abandon their homeland because of repression, violence and war.”

Then he turned to Christians today, asking them to emulate the Holy Family by sustaining each other through reciprocal communication.

“Do you, in your family, know how to communicate? Or are you like those kids who, at the dinner table, are on their phones, texting? FLASH We have to bring back dialogue in the family.”

After the Angelus, the pope asked those present to pray with him for the victims of the explosion in Somalia, which left more than 70 dead.

To conclude, he gave a special blessing to all families, saying they are a precious treasure to be nurtured.

Claudia Torres

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