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Five hundred years ago, St. Ignatius of Loyola promoted a form of the examination of conscience to help people reflect on their actions at the end of the day and correct shortcomings.

Today the Examen has reached mobile devices via the app “Reimagining the Examen.” It was launched by the Jesuit Loyola Press organization and Fr. Mark Thibodeaux.

Loyola Press

“He had created themed Examens and kept them on his phone, in a word document, so he could pray them wherever he was. We knew that others could benefit from this approach. We created the app to form a complete prayer experience that others can adapt and use anywhere and at any time.”

Besides the traditional form, it offers 34 versions adaptable to users' needs. For example, there are Examens on daily habits and on love.

Loyola Press

“In particular, it is effective in reaching young people, because it combines both spirituality and technology. They can choose the theme that speaks to them the most and pray in their specific situations. We have heard from young people that the practice has brought them closer to God and helped them to relieve anxiety.”

The app developer says the Examen is an opportunity to remember God in a chaotic world.

Loyola Press

“With the current emphasis on mindfulness, on the need to slow down in this hectic pace of life, to address anxiety, this app will help people reflect on their daily lives and recenter themselves in the presence of God.”

“It is our hope that this life giving practice will offer you exactly what you need in the moment, but also beyond.”

The “Reimagining the Examen” app is free and is available in English and Spanish on Apple and Android.

Carlos Kestler
Translation: Claudia Torres

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