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Rome Reports

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Pope at Epiphany Mass: When we do not worship God, we end up worshiping ourselves

During Mass for the Epiphany, Pope Francis proposed to Christians to pray disinterestedly, without asking God for anything in return. He said this is adoration. 

“Worship means going to Jesus without a list of petitions, but with one request alone: to abide with Him. FLASH Once we worship, we come to realize that faith is not simply a set of fine doctrines, but a relationship with a living person whom we are called to love.”

Pope Francis warned against the danger of using faith for personal interests. He explained that the Gospel reading for the Epiphany gives examples of people who acted that way, the most notorious being Herod.

“When we do not worship God, we end up worshiping ourselves. FLASH How many times have we confused the interests of the Gospel with our own? How many times have we cloaked in religiosity the things we find convenient? How many times have we confused God's power, which is for serving others, with power of this world, which is for serving ourselves?”

The pope concluded by reminding Christians that adoring God is a way to not adore those idols which enslave, for example the gods of money, fame and pleasure.

“[Worship is] ridding ourselves of useless things and addictions that anesthetize the heart and confound the mind.”

After the celebration in the basilica, the pope stood at the window of the Apostolic Palace to pray the Angelus with pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square. In the middle of the square was the Nativity scene, displaying the protagonists of the day, the magi.

Javier Romero
Translation: Claudia Torres