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Rome Reports

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Young Americans travel to Rome to study Italian culture and meet the pope

This group of students from the United States has turned the city of Rome into their classroom.

They traveled from their university in Pennsylvania to take literature, history and politics courses in the Eternal City.

They hope to encounter people they've only read about in books, like Pope Francis.

Grove City College
“It's just cool to put in perspective what we've been learning about for the past couple of weeks. It's amazing to see the important role he has in the Vatican and how many people from so many different nations have come here today. Over 5,000 people have come to see him.”

The students are pursuing careers in different fields, such as business, chemistry and finance. In Rome however, their differences disappear as they learn together about topics they had covered only from a distance.

Grove City College
“I just can't wait to see all the different things that I've been seeing in the pictures, in the books that we've been reading, but to actually see them in person and to touch them.”

For this student, seeing Pope Francis at the General Audience gave him a better understanding of the pope's role in history and literature.

Grove City College
“I think it is important to see him because he's just an important person of history, regardless of the religion. He is known as someone who is kind. It was very interesting to hear him speaking.”
“Studying classical literature or history, I can tell that the pope is someone who has been an important part of history. Coming here to see who the pope is and what he does in person is an incredible experience.”

They will encounter other iconic people and places during the rest of their visit, which will end in two weeks when they return to their studies in Pennsylvania.

Carlos Kestler
Translation: Claudia Torres