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Rome Reports

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Pope hopes summit on Libya will be start of a path toward an end to violence

During the Angelus, the pope reminded those present that various countries involved in the conflict in Libya were meeting to discuss a cease-fire.

I really hope this summit, which is so important, will be the start of a path toward an end to violence and a negotiated solution leading to peace and the much-desired stability in the country.

Pope Francis also recalled the World Health Organization designated 2020 as the year dedicated to two groups of health workers whose crucial roles must be valued.

Nurses are the most numerous health workers, and those closest to the sick. Midwifery is perhaps the noblest of professions.

Reflecting on the Gospel's teachings, he warned against assuming that one already knows Jesus well enough. He recommended meditating on the Bible and following John the Baptist's example. The pope said he let himself be surprised by the novelty Christ brought. He accepted and announced it.

Javier Romero
Translation: Claudia Torres