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Pope Francis: We must learn to grasp and appreciate value of old age

The pope met with participants of the conference “The richness of many years of life,” which analyzes the challenges of old age and the pastoral care of the elderly. Pope Francis reminded them that the richness of old age is “a precious treasure that takes shape in the journey of every man and woman's life.”

He said the aging of society in many countries should be a call “to serious reflection in order to learn to grasp and appreciate the value of the elderly.”

While, on the one hand, states need to face the new demographic situation on the economic level, on the other hand, civil society is in need of values and meaning for elderly people.

The pope reminded participants that “life is a gift, and when it is long, it is a privilege, for oneself and for others.”

Today I want to tell you that the elderly are also the present and future of the Church. Yes, they are also the future of a Church that, alongside the young, prophesies and dreams.

That's why he asked them not to let themselves be discouraged by the challenges of old age. He also emphasized the importance of dialogue between the elderly and the youth.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi
Translation: Claudia Torres