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Pope: The family needs to be valued as educators of children

The pope met with experts on education, economics and sociology, who participated in a congress in the Vatican called “Education. The Global Compact.”

Pope Francis recalled that access to and the level of educational attained is unequal, despite efforts to reduce the gap between rich and poor. He said thinking about education is to think about the future of humanity and regretted that the educational pact is not successful.

The broken educational pact means that society, the family, and the different institutions called to educate are delegating the decisive educational task to others. Thus, they are avoiding responsibility. They are the various basic institutions and states that have given up on this educational pact.

The pope proposed a common effort to rebuild it and assured the family has to be valued in the new educational pact.

One of the fundamental ways to improve the quality of education at the school level is to achieve greater participation of families and local communities in educational projects. They are part of that comprehensive, timely and universal education.

A fundamental part of that improvement in education are the teachers, whose work and efforts Pope Francis praised.

I wish, at this moment, to also pay tribute to the teachers - who are always underpaid – because in front of the challenge of education, they continue working with courage and determination. They are "artisans" of future generations.

That is why he asked for more resources and means for teachers, so they too can have the best possible training at their disposal.