Spoken Bride: making the wedding-prep process easier and faith-based

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Saying “I do” is one of the most important moments in a married person's life. Yet oftentimes there aren't many resources to fully prepare for the sacrament as a Catholic bride or groom.

That was until 2015, when an online community connecting Catholic wedding vendors and brides was launched as Spoken Bride. Co-founder Jiza Zito explained the goal was to provide wedding inspiration that sought virtue, true freedom in love and ultimately God.

Co-founder of Spoken Bride

'There was a need for Catholics who worked in the wedding industry to come together as a community and as a support system in a work environment that is often very secular, very materialistic and can sometimes also be cutthroat. On top of that, I saw an even greater need for a witness and a way of showcasing the beauty and the truth and the goodness of the sacrament of marriage within the Catholic Church.'

Associate Editor of Spoken Bride

“Maybe brides and grooms enter into their wedding day with the desire to invite everyone they know into the joy of the sacrament of marriage. When Catholic vendors are on-site and are able to see the vision of the bride and groom and support it with their own skills and talents, it creates a beautiful synergy that provides a love and beauty that reveals God's grace in exponential ways.”

This uniting of Catholic vendors and future spouses became even stronger as contacts were made through their blog. Their vendor guide offers recommendations for Catholic photographers and floral designers, who understand the faith, all the way to Instructors for Natural Family Planning.

Accompanying that is their blog, with articles offering wedding-preparation advice and planning resources. There are also explanations on what the Church teaches, wedding day hacks and best practices for having a Christ-centered ceremony.

Co-founder of Spokenbride

“We're hoping having this Catholic resource will encourage and provide support and give a source of knowledge and empowerment to our Catholic brides so they don't feel so clueless when walking into their wedding planning and marriage preparation.”

Associate Editor of Spoken Bride

“Spoken Bride is a beautiful platform because it offers a community of women from all over the world who can share their stories and come together.”

This community, created with the goal to guide brides to God midst the bedlam of wedding planning, is able to encourage those engaged and newlyweds to keep striving in their faith. Spoken Bride affirms and celebrates this exciting time in life with everyone who comes to their page, offering much-needed relief to the worldly side of wedding planning and married life.

Melissa Butz

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