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Rome Reports

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Chilean couple celebrates 39 year-anniversary and renews vows in Rome

Many people attend a General Audience with Pope Francis for faith or by simple curiosity. Others do it to celebrate special moments in their lives, like this Chilean couple.

MIRHNA RIFFO "It's wonderful. We're celebrating 39 years of marriage. For the Lord to give us this visit is extraordinary."

LUIS MUÑOZ "It's the first time we are in Rome. As my wife said, we're going to renew our marriage vows. It's the time to remember them and pray for the whole world."

They say that seeing the pope up close, in the Paul VI Audience Hall, was a very inspiring moment. The couple ensures they will return to their country moved by their call to help those who suffer most.

MIRHNA RIFFO “It was excellent. I was very excited. It was my first time at an audience, and it filled my spirit. The pope also especially greeted the Chileans.”

This couple came to Rome with a group of friends who fondly remember Pope Francis' visit to Chile in 2018.

JOSUÉ LABRANA “I remember him in Santiago, in the votive Temple Maipú, with all the young people. The pope called us out of our comfort zones, out of our homes and out of ourselves, so we could announce Jesus Christ to the world.”

MIRHNA RIFFO “We saw him, like we also did when he was in Chile. He was in our city, Temuco. We participated in a vigil and Mass with him.”

After seeing the pope again, they continue their journey to the Holy Land, where they hope to walk the steps that Jesus himself walked.