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New film about a popular but unknown devotion

The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus unites people from every part of the globe. Despite its popularity however, it remains largely unknown.

Protagonist, “An Ardent Heart”

“The devotion needs to be known by more people. I think many people still haven't heard of it. They don't even know what the Sacred Heart is. The devotion could be very relevant, and it is very necessary. It's for all ages, for anyone. It's precious because it takes you to the center of Jesus, to His heart.”

That's the purpose of the film, “Corazón ardiente,” in English, “An Ardent Heart.” The fictional plot tells the story of a famous author who investigates the apparitions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as she looks for inspiration for her next novel.

The production is part fiction and part documentary. It was filmed in various locations around the world, from Afghanistan, with the Spanish army, to Ecuador.

Director, “An Ardent Heart”

“It brings together a series of elements that undoubtedly will make 'An Ardent Heart' a very original, novel and interesting option for viewers.”

The film explains the spirituality and devotion to the Sacred Heart by exploring its apparitions and the messages it transmitted to people like St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. It also investigates Eucharistic miracles.

However, the film doesn't limit itself to historical facts. “An Ardent Heart” explores the impact of the Heart of Jesus on people's lives.

“A person came to the studios. He told us he was driving, about to commit suicide, when he suddenly turned on the radio and heard this message: 'God loves you, no matter who you are, no matter what you've done.'”

In upcoming months, the film will be available in Spain, Poland, Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Panama and even Qatar.