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Metanoia: New 10-part series invites viewers to continous conversion

A new 10-part series, Metanoia, calls viewers deeper, into the mystery of God and the Holy Spirit, through conversion. 

It was filmed in the Holy Land, and takes viewers to the site of the Sea of Galilee, the River Jordan and many other holy sites. 

Director, Metanoia
“Not everybody has the opportunity to be able to go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land. So to be able to bring the viewer there, and to have the backdrop of a desert where Jesus was tempted the Sea of Galilee, going into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, to the place of the crucifixion, to the place of the resurrection, to be able to bring the viewer there, and then the beauty of the images help us to reflect more clearly on on the message.”

The series is led by Fr. Dave Pivonka, founder of the Ministry of the Wild Goose. He explains goal and title of the series are the same: an on-going conversion. 

Protagonist, Metanoia Series
“Jesus is calling the disciples and the first thing He says is, 'Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand.' That word 'repent' is metanoia, it means conversion, to change, to turn. It's an on-going process. It's not a singular event. We began to think about that and created a series – it's 10 parts- about what does it look like to live a life of being a disciple? And at the heart of that is a conversion.”

The series looks at 10 areas in which people need to grow, including spiritual life and battle, prayer, understanding of Jesus, and many more. Fr. Dave says it's also impacted him personally.

Protagonist, Metanoia Series
“Each one of the episodes is the Lord doing these things in my heart, helping me understand where I need repentance, helping me understand why it's important I'm praying. Or the nature of the spiritual battle – that we are literally in a battle. So the preparation and the prayer that we are able to present in each episode was an opportunity of conversion for me.”

There are personal testimonies from guest speakers spread throughout the series. They give real life examples of the process of repentance and conversion, and how they were able to respond to the invitation to a deeper relationship with Christ. 

Metanoia is a part of The Ministry of the Wild Goose and can be found on: https://thewildgooseisloose.com/metanoia.

Melissa Butz