How the women who received John Paul II's miracles are living the saint's centennial

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It's been nine years since Floribeth Mora was diagnosed with an incurable condition. After all kinds of treatment, it was clear that her brain aneurysm had no cure, and she was given only a few weeks to live.

Doctors from Costa Rica and Italy assured that there was no medical explanation for the healing. It was the intercession of then-blessed John Paul II that changed the course of history.

“So I got up from my bed, and all I said was, 'Yes, Lord.' From that day forward, until today, I have remained standing for the honor and glory of God.”

For Marie Simon Pierre, a French sister with advanced Parkinson's disease, everything started in 2005, weeks after the death of John Paul II.

She had the same symptoms as the pope in his final days. Her body stopped responding, despite her comparatively young age. Today, she can walk and move perfectly, thanks to the support of her entire community, who asked for the intercession of the deceased pope.

“For me, it was something wonderful, something extraordinary. At the end of Mass, I was convinced that I had been healed.”

These two women, from Costa Rica and France, are perfectly healthy today. They will live, with a special joy, the first centennial of St. John Paul II's birth on May 18, 1920.

Pope Francis plans to celebrate Mass this coming Monday in St. Peter's Basilica, in the chapel where St. John Paul II is buried.

Floribeth and Marie Simon Pierre's testimonies, as well as those of the postulator of the cause and of others who have received favors from St. John Paul II, are compiled in a documentary Rome Reports will release in a few weeks.

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