Free virtual Catholic Marriage Summit insists: Your Marriage is Worth it

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For the first time ever, more than 60 well-known speakers are joining with their spouses to bring a free, virtual Catholic Marriage Summit to the world from June 11-13. 

They include Matt & Cameron Fradd, Jackie and Bobby Angel, Dr. Scott & Kimberly Hahn, and Ashley and John Noronha. 

The Noronha's explain they were supposed to speak to the Archdiocese of New York, before the pandemic hit. Since that event couldn't take place, the host of the Summit, Damon Owens asked them to speak virtually at the summit.

Speaker, Catholic Marriage Summit
“We said, 'Wow, we love marriage and we just love every opportunity to share the joys and what an amazing thing it is, this institution, when lived well. So we thought, absolutely! And being virtual, we thought, it's not limited to a particular geographic area or a particular time zone and anyone from anywhere, from the time they open it up, to the end of those three days – you can be a night-owl and watch at three in the morning, you can binge watch.”

Speaker, Catholic Marriage Summit
“You can watch any talk at any time totally for free. Then, truth is, with all those great talks, three days is a pretty short time. Plus, you hate to after three days, not be able to access it again. So they have a special package, where you can actually purchase a lifetime access, all access pass.

This $50 deal allows couples to re-watch the talks and get the most out of three-day event, hosted by Joyfully Ever After. 

The Noronha's assure that there is something for everyone no matter what stage of marriage a couple is at or whether they are struggling or completely happy.

Speaker, Catholic Marriage Summit
“So what people can get is experts talking about pretty much every aspect of marriage. Some of which, when we read the topics, we were like, 'Woah, we didn't even think about this!' From strategy and mission, which we are speaking about, to financial planning, how you cope with stress, how you handle crises, how you do you balancing of time, finances, economics and family life and everything together. To handling other issues, which...'

Speaker, Catholic Marriage Summit
“Communication and raising children and it's just going to be fascinating. The idea is that these talks are meant to take a good marriage and make it great, a weak marriage and to make it strong. It's really meant to be an opportunity for renewal.”

From all those topics, participants can pick and choose what to listen to and when, fitting it into the busy schedules of daily life. 

The conference's goal is to help couples around the globe draw closer to each other, while coming closer to Christ. Because, as they say, “Your Marriage is worth it!”

Melissa Butz

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