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Premiere of “Jordi's Letters,” a story of hope for the big screen

Sometimes they call me poor.... They call you that, to your face? (laughs)

His name is Jordi. He was born 51 years ago with cerebral palsy. He can't talk, but he comes up with creative ways to communicate using this piece of cardboard full of letters.

I won't be able to go home for the weekend.

He recounts how when he was 21 years old, God spoke to him, but that He doesn't anymore. That's why he asks Maider to accompany him to the Lourdes Shrine, where he hopes to meet God again.

This becomes an opportunity for both. For Maider, it's a lesson about what it means to believe in what is invisible. For Jordi, it's a chance to build a new friendship.

The story thus becomes a debut work for Maider Fernández, a filmmaker and teacher.

It's a story about faith, but above all, about words and communication, not only as a way of understanding each other, but as a way of hugging, protecting and accompanying one another.

The film will premiere July 10 in cinemas in Spain. Producers hope it will then make it to Latin America and the United States.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

Translation: Claudia Torres