Pope authorizes beatification of two South Americans and two Europeans

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Pope Francis has approved new decrees presented by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Among them is one authorizing the beatification of Venezualan doctor José Gregorio Hernández, who died in 1919. He will be the first Venezuelan to be beatified. 

The pope also approved the beatification of Argentine Mamerto Esquiú, who died in 1880. He was a bishop known for promoting unity in his country in times of war. 

Also approved was the beatification of German Juan Bautista Jordán, later known as Francisco María de la Cruz, who died in 1918. He was the priest who founded the Society of the Divine Savior.   

The fourth new Blessed will be Italian nun María Laura Mainetti, who was martyred out of hatred for the faith, in a Satanic ritual, in the year 2000 in Chiavenna, a town in northern Italy. 

The pope also approved the heroic virtues of Mexican Gloria María de Jesús Elizondo García, who died in 1966 and will now be called 'Venerable'.

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